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  • 2018-12-13
    AHA Entertainment Launched A Commercial Satellite Through Partnership, Killer Seven Becomes the World's First Cartoon Character Launched into Outer Space
    BEIJING, Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- At 12 o'clock, Dec. 7, 2018, Beijing time, the cartoon character Killer Seven , a popular IP created by AHA Entertainment, has been successfully launched into outer space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, along with several microsatellites and the Long March - 2D Carrier Rocket, in Spacety's fifth launch. It is a benchmark in the animation industry that Killer Seve n becomes the world's first cartoon character launched into outer space.
  • 2018-11-02
    AHA Entertainment Partners with Spacety to Launch The World's First Popular Cartoon Character into Outer Space
    AHA Entertainment, in cooperation with Spacety, one of the first commercial aerospace companies in Chi na, held a successful press conference at the 2018 Tencent Global Partner Conference OPEN DAY on November 1, 2018 in Nanjing. The two companies announced a strategic partnership, whereby SEVEN, the popular character of AHA Entertainment's franchised animation TV series Killer Seven , would be painted on the surface of a commercial satellite and launched into outer space. This means SEVEN will be the very first cartoon character that physically flies into outer space.
  • 2018-06-11
    China’s Presence Felt at Annecy with New Pavilion and Animated Projects
    China is making inroads into the international animation business, with a formal presence at Annecy and several new projects from the Middle Kingdom on show at the festival and MIFA market.
  • 2018-06-11
    China’s AHA Ent. Brings ‘Killer Seven’ to Annecy
    China’s AHA Entertainment has arrived in Annecy with their AIAFF nominated TV series, Killer Seven.Produced by Aiken Zou Shasha and directed by Weifeng He, the 14 x 15’ animated series is the only Chinese animation to be nominated for an award in the TV Film category of AIAFF 2018.
Heart-warming stories of A“Low-Priced”Killer
The heart-warming hilarious stories of Seven, a low-priced killer who can disguise himself as everything and anything.

●Basic information
Running Time : 14 min × 14 episodes
Type : Animation
Released Date : April 25.2018
Viewing Platform : Tencent Video / Bilibili / iQIYI / Youku
Producer : Aiken Zou Shasha
Director / Animation Scriptwriter : Weifeng He
Character Designer : Weifeng He / Xinru Liang
Dubbing Production : Voicegem
Dubbing Director : Guangtao Jiang
Music : Running Monster

2018|Annecy International Film Festival|Nomination in TV Films Category
2018|The third Canada China International Film Festival|Best TV Series
2018|Bilibili Moe Animation Art Award|Best Serial Animation
2018|The first AniSpark Chinese Original Animation Festival|Best Script
2018|The third China New Entertainment · New Consumption Annual Summit|Annual Animation
2018 | The Annual inventory of Anim-babblers |Annual Best Chinese Animation Serials

●Subsequent Production Plan For Killer Seven
Killer Seven Season Two
Killer Seven Movie
In the future world, dangers are turbulent under the semblance of peace. Five girls live together. Their life is interwoven with desserts, weapons, wars, memories and emotional bonds. They are wondering that they are humans or weapons.

●Basic information
Running Time : 14 min × 12 episodes
Type : Animation
Released Date : August 18.2017
Viewing Platform : Tencent Video
Chief Producer : Aiken Zou Shasha
Supervising Director : Ge Xiang
Director : Ikuro Morimoto
Animation Scriptwriter : Tatsuji Yamazaki

2017|Chinese Games Awards|Annual Popular Game Animation
This is a little British male bulldog, named as BUDOG. He is a combination of diamond and dog. Aa a dog, he acts as a cat. So lazy, he tries every effort to move more easier all day. He is interested in round stuff, for they can roll around. He always looks a little weary, without much emotions. His owner likes cosplay, so he is often forced to wear different cosplay costumes. He loves his owner so much that he like to wear cosplay costumes to please him. In addition, he loves to stay in corners where he can put his body right in the corner, which makes him feel at ease.

●Basic information
Character Designer : Hideki Shiroma
Creation Time : 2008

●Subsequent Production Plan For BUDOG
Short-video Serial Animations
Lin Xiaotian, a young boy who was not interested in soccer makes friends with other boys through soccer trainings and competitions, and deeply loves soccer as a result.

●Subsequent Production Plan For Soccer Hero
Animated TV Series
A couples relationship is tested by the untimely appearances of their exes.

●Basic information
Running Time : 120 min
Type : Film
Released Date : December 29.2017
Viewing Platform : iQIYI / Mango TV / Tencent Video / Youku
Producer : Zhongjun Wang / Zhonglei Wang / Jerry Ye / Zijian Zhou / Dajun Zhang / Tingkai Yang
Director : Yu-sheng Tian
Writers : Yu-sheng Tian / Fei You / Da-Kuan / Da-Guang
Cast : Geng Han / Ryan zheng / Wenwen Yu / Mi Luo

2017|Annual Excellent Love Film
2018|The 23rd Tripod Award|Best Chinese Film Song
Attending the reunion in lieu of her late elder sister, Zhihua accidentally runs into Yin Chuan, on whom she had a crush in her youth. As old memories are evoked Zhihua slowly uncovers the intricate story of the trio.

●Basic information
Running Time : 114 min
Type : Film
Released Date : November 9.2018
Viewing Platform : iQIYI / Mango TV / Tencent Video
Producer : Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Shunji Iwai
Director : Shunji Iwai
Writer : Shunji Iwai
Cast : Xun Zhou / Hao Qin / Jiang Du / Zifeng Zhang / Enxi Deng / Tianyang Bian / Yanshu Wu / Zhuo Tan / Ge Hu

2018|The 55th Golden Horse Awards|Piaget Annual Award
2018|The 55th Golden Horse Awards|Nominations for Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Script
"DAGENGREN" named Ye Yan loves performance art, he attended Xia Hou College where he met a "LINGQIZHE" and a "SANXIAN" . However zombies suddenly attacked school, "a battle for the crystal" to recover the world peace started.

●Basic information
Running Time : 80 min
Type : Film
Released Date : December 15.2016
Viewing Platform : iQIYI
Producer : Aiken Zou Shasha
Director : Rocky Jo / Ming-Sing Wong
Writers : Matthew Presley / Li Tian
Cast : Yecheng Zheng / Kiki Jiang / Haowei Chai / Edward Gu

2017|Internet Film Festival|Annual Top 10 Internet Film
2018|The 7th Beijing International Internet Film Festival|Nomination for Best Producer
A punk who has been unconscious and use it to pretend to be the one, a girl who is violent girl, a has-been master who is obsessed with knitting sweater, a gourmet tycoon who only makes dark dishes, a contemporary Meng Po, a Japanese warrior suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, triggered a hilarious duel for a lost secret scriptures.

●Basic information
Running Time : 116 min
Type : Film
Released Date : July 7.2017
Viewing Platform : iQIYI / Tencent Video / Fun TV / Baofeng
Producer : Xiaodan Guo / Shuang Chen
Director : Zhengyu Lu
Writers: Zhengyu Lu / Yingjun Zhao / Xuyang Leng / Xiaodan Guo
Cast : Zhengyu Lu / Amber Kuo / Wei Fan / Guoqing Cai / Joan Chen / Yasuaki Kurata

2017|the 2nd Weibo Night of Films|Weibo Most Expected Young Director
Three policemen who had different personalities encountered a batch of malicious drug-traffickers in a mission. They were outnumbered by the enemies, and their lives hang in the balance. But in the end, they defused the crisis and save their colleagues.

●Basic information
Running Time : 63 min
Type : Film
Released Date : November 10.2017 
Viewing Platform : iQIYI
Director : He Lai
Writer : Yang Sun
Cast : Junyi Zhang / Borui Dong / Tiantian Zhu / Jie Long / Hanqing Xing / Yisen Ding / Gang Wang / Du Li
The re-made Beijing opera film was presented as a gift for the 100th anniversary of Chinese films. It is about the stories of the 70th and 71st Chapter of The Romance of the Three Kingdomswhere Huang Zhong, a veteran, captured Dingjun Mountains after he defeated Zhang He who garrisoned Tiandang Mountains.

●Basic information
Running Time : 111 min
Type : Film
Released Date : April 21.2017
Producer : Aiken Zou Shasha
Director : Bingjian Liu
Cast : Xiaozeng Tan / Zhengyan Tan / Changrong Shang

2015 | Annual Key project of Beijing cultural excellent project 
The theme is about instant online celebrities who are currently popular topics. Zhen Bingbing, a little girl struggling alone in a big city, had nothing at the beginning, and grows up to a super internet celebrity with millions of fans.

●Basic information
Running Time : 25 min × 12 episodes
Type : Internet Drama
Released Date : February 8.2017
Viewing Platform : iQIYI
Director : Ronghua Zhang
Writer : Guangguang Yang
Cast : Ruiqiao Liu / Ziming Ma / Menglin Yang / Liuyan Ding / Youqi Huang / Zhuo Yuan / Xiaocuo Mo / Junting Yang
In 1950, fishermen on the Yalu River were attacked and bombed by American battleplanes. Two young men in the village joined the volunteer army, and fought for their homeland in North Korea.

●Basic information
Running Time : 45 min × 38 episodes
Type : TV series
Released Date : April 23.2016
Viewing Platform : Tencent Video / iQIYI / LE Video / Sohu Video / PP Video / CCTV CBOX
Director : Ji Meng
Writer : Haiping Wang
Cast: Guoqiang Zhang / Ting Wang / Xiwen Cao / Hongrui Zhang / Weihua Zhan / Pei Wang / Zhi Wang

2017|The 11th National Television Production Top 10 Commendation Conference|Excellent TV Series
2018|The 31st TV Series Flying Apsaras Award|Excellent TV Series Themed with Revolution and History
AHA Entertainment
AHA Entertainment was founded in 2014 by Aiken Zou Shasha. Taking original high-quality IP contents, products and operations at its core, AHA Entertainment is the epitome of innovation-oriented entertainment. AHA Entertainment persists in IP contents and business operation models which are integrated, sustainable and globalized. Its business includes comic and animation, live-action TV series and films, mobile games, derivative products, etc.

In the following works, AHA has participated in the process of planning, creating, producing and distributing: Gun Girls(TV animation) , Killer Seven(TV animation) , The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes(Film) Last Letter(Film) , The One(Film) , Guardians of Night(Film) , Ballistic Policemen(Film) and Dingjun Mountain(Film) , Love Online(TV Series) , The 38th parallel(TV Series) ,etc.

AHA Entertainment always adheres to its core value of“Platform for Contents and Talent”, convenes top talent from the world and cooperates with many international well-known brands. ZhenFund founded by Mr. Xu Xiaoping, Mr. Zhou Yahui, President of Kunlun and Mr. Zhang Yongkang, CEO of Yongtong Capital are the leading investors of AHA Entertainment. Headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hongkong. AHA Entertainment is devoted to creating the most influential integrated platform for pan-entertainment.
The Founder&CEOAiken Zou Shasha
Ms. Aiken Zou Shasha, well-known producer and investor, Founder and CEO of AHA Entertainment, is a representative character of China’s pan-entertainment industry. She has established her first company at age of 21, once took office as Vice-President of Gopha, Senior Vice-President of Joy Entertainment and CEO of Gorwen Investment. She has initiated the idea of “Inter-dimensionality” and put it into practice to realize integration, which has been an emerging force into the pan-entertainment industry of China.

Producer of Killer Seven
Presenter & Chief Producer of Gun Girls

●TV Series:
Presenter & Executive Producer of The 38th Parallel
Presenter & General Executive Producer of Love Online

Presenter & Producer & Executive Producer of Dingjun Mountain
Presenter & Producer & Executive Producer of Guardians of Night
Presenter of Last letter
Presenter of Ballistic Policemen
Co-Presenter of The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes
Co-Presenter of The One

Address: 1st floor, 6m building, 4 Gongdibei road, Chaoyang district, Beijing, china

Zip code: 100027

Tel: 010-65023199


Add: Room 3111, Zhongjing Building A, Poly Clover Plaza

No.406, Huasui Road,Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Zip code: 510623

Tel: 020-88523271

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